Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's Debateable...Speech and Debate club visits with Lions.

Vermilion Lions Club was in for a great night of debate and performance as the Vermilion High School Speech and Debate Club stopped in and showed off their award winning prowess in their perspective fields.

Mr. Devon Snook, the Speech and Debate Teacher/Advisor brought along some very talented High School students. First up was Miss Morgan Walker who dazzled the Lions with a heart wrenching performance depicting the experience one might have losing a sibling.

She was followed by Scott Lear and Tyler Parsons who debated the ethical use of drones in warfare and the resulting loss of civilian life. A serious and timely topic that is played out in todays headlines. The debate left Lions members continuing the discussion long after the performance.

We want to offer our sincere thanks to the Speech and Debate Club and wish them well in pursuit of the well deserved honours and recognition that will follow in competition.  

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