Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vermilion Lions Club wishes you a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!

While our speciality may be French Fries, we all have a love of turkey and would like to take the time to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

If you are travelling to visit family please be careful and use the utmost caution as today and this weekend will see some of the densest traffic of the year.

From all of us here at Vermilion Lions Club!

Don Babson Shares His Adventures

This month's guest speaker Don Babson, author of Sail Away and founder of Babson Fluid Power, shared with Vermilion Lions Club his photos and stories about sailing on the Great Lakes.

Don brought a projector and showed many interesting pictures of freighters from all around the Great Lakes as well as shared some very interesting history on his time travelling from port to port with his family.

Many of Don's stories are in his critically acclaimed book Sail Away which is a story about his families difficulties and life aboard a sail boat while venturing around the globe.

We are grateful to Don for sharing his tales with us. For more information about Don Babson, or to purchase Sail Away visit Don

For more information on how you can be a Lions Club member and hear great guest speakers several times a year contact us at the link above.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Message from International President Sid Scruggs

It takes time to make a Lion. Certainly all Lions, even the newest, share in the same privileges and responsibilities as every other Lion, but to really understand what it means to be a Lion -- that takes time.

Even experienced Lions sometimes underestimate the value of our service. That is not true of the people we serve. They fully understand the value of what we do and they will tell us about it if we listen with open hearts.

I can still remember hearing the words, "We can always count on you Lions," when my home club in North Carolina delivered holiday packages to families in need of food. I recall the gratitude of elderly people who received a flu vaccine at the annual health fair my club organized and I will never forget the joy on the face of a child who received her first pair of eyeglasses from a Lion. These were some of the most rewarding experiences of my life and they taught me what it really means to be a Lion.

It is our job as Lion leaders to ensure that all Lions have opportunities to experience the rewards of service. That feeling of accomplishment and connection to another human life is our "secret weapon" in the effort to build and retain our membership. The more moments like those that we provide to our members, the more satisfying their Lions experience will be. And satisfied members are the best ambassadors our clubs can have. They will surely attract other people of good will who are seeking the rewards of service that only membership in a Lions Club can provide.

The next Global Service Action Campaign will provide many opportunities for the kind of one-to-one interaction I have been describing. Please do all you can to ensure that as many Lions as possible participate in Relieving the Hunger, scheduled for December and January.

Thank you for all you do.

Best wishes,
Sid L. Scruggs III
International President

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our October Student of the Month - Jill Weeks

In recognizing hard work, community involvement, and high academic standards Vermilion Lions Club is proud to announce its Student of the Month for October, Jill Weeks.

Of course no student would be where they are without great parents, it is our pleasure to also introduce and congratulate Jill's parents Cindy and Frank Weeks for their great effort.