Monday, September 9, 2013

A Rose by any other name...Lions Rose Sale for your sweetest!

Sweetest day is not that far off, and we all know it's the man with the plan that makes a good impression on his sweetest. So Vermilion Lions Club is offering the age old cure to the sweetest day blues, Roses!

How do you get yours? Well our Rose Sale (for Sweetest Day October 19) is being chaired by our 2nd Vice President Dale Grygier, and you can contact us here by email for more information OR ask one of our many members who will have sales forms. You can also stop by our September 17th* LIONS meeting as well (Clubhouse property at the end of Nickelson Street).   

So don't be the guy who forgets about his sweetest on sweetest day, avoid the doghouse with Lions Club Roses!

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