Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lions are electrified by City's plans for aggregation

The April 5th meeting of Vermilion Lions club was home to some very important visitors as Mayor Eileen Bulan brought along a guest speaker on an upcoming ballot issue. Collete Appolito, representing First Energy Solutions provided Lions Club with information about the City's proposed ballot issue on Energy Savings.

The presentation featured information showing the citizens of Vermilion saving a substantial amount over the 10 year contract period. A forecast saving of up to 6% on what is currently offered as the lowest rate. Also noted was the city itself was able to receive a grant totaling over $120,000 to aid in these tough financial times. Several questions were fielded from the audience, one which revealed that the majority of cities and townships around Vermilion have already passed this initiative.

We would like to thank Mayor Bulan and Collette Appolito of First Energy Solutions for taking the time to inform us on important issues affecting our community.

For more information on Electrical Aggregation contact the Mayor's office at 440-204-2402

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