Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Can Do It !

Dear Lions
   As we begin 2011 we are also beginning the second half of our year together as Lion leaders. During the first half of my presidency it has been my privilege to travel the globe and see first-hand the light that Lions bring to some of the most challenging places in our world. Lions are making a difference in the lives of millions of people each year and I have never been more proud to be a Lion!

   I am especially proud that this year the Global Service Action Campaigns have focused our light on service with a laser-like intensity. Each of the first three campaigns has been an outstanding success.
Traveling as your president I have visited some of our world's most beautiful places, as well as some of the most troubled. It has given me a renewed appreciation for the precious and fragile resources we have on our planet Earth. This is why I hope I can count on you to make the fourth and final Global Service Action Campaign -- Protecting our Environment -- an equal success. This last campaign may be the most important because it affects all of us no matter where we live.

   Lions know that we cannot fulfill the bumper-sticker mandate to "Save the Planet," but we can do what Lions always do: make a difference. We can shine a light on the environmental challenges we see. We can educate others on solutions, and serve as an example for others to follow in solving these challenges related to our environment. If we are to ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit a healthy, sustainable environment, we must raise awareness and demonstrate on a local scale what must be done on a global scale.

   Lions Protecting our Environment Global Service Action Campaign is scheduled for April 2011 in conjunction with the international observance of Earth Day. I urge all Lions clubs to plan an event and take part in this global effort. Be sure to record your efforts on the ServiceActivity Report.

Best wishes,
Sid L. Scruggs III
International President

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