Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lions announces Students of the Year...Conrgats to all Vermilion Grads!

First, Lions Club would like to commend and congratulate all the graduating students of Vermilion High School and the many proud parents who have put in the work to enjoy this proud day.
Our Lions Club is very proud to announce that we have awarded two $1000.00 scholarships to recognize the hard work and effort of two special students to assist with their future endeavours. 
 Congratulations to :
  -  Vermilion Lions Club scholarship recipient Debra Wuitowicz
  - Vermilion Lions Foundation / Robert Via Memorial scholarship recipient Abbey Bodeker
As with any award, we thank the parents who put in the daily effort to make sure their students do their very best.

 On a special note, our summer meetings will be held at the Lions Club property on Nicholson Drive starting on Tuesday, July 1st thru September. 

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