Thursday, September 9, 2010

Help Us So Others May See...

Core 4 Grant for Vision Screening Cameras

In the beginning, Melvin Jones created the Lion’s Clubs, blessed are we that serve. Helen Keller charged us to be “Knights of the Blind,” and so we are. The Sight & Hearing Committee challenges all Lions to eliminate childhood blindness and so we

We have made great strides as Lions to help the blind, provide Ohioans with glasses, help support our communities and do many other great things. Now it is time to request funding through Lions Clubs International to accomplish a new goal of vision screening of all 4 year olds. This core 4 grant is to save children from blindness starting at birth and continuing through their childhood. The answer is the Sure Sight Camera.

What can it detect? Without being technical, lazy eye, cross eyed, farsightedness, nearsightedness and strabismus (eyes do not line up with each other). The main loss of vision is lazy eye.
The core 4 grant has been signed off by the Sight & Hearing committee and will be signed off by the District Governors in November at the Council of Governors meeting. It will be sent to LCI for their examination at their quarterly meeting in January. Pending approval, the cameras could be here in Ohio by April of 2011. Sight & Hearing plans to ramp up support and training as soon as possible. More
to come over the following months and we will keep the Lions of Ohio appraised of the situation with frequent news releases.

Sincerely yours
YOUR Sight & Hearing Committee

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